First Bitcoin Capital Corp to Buyback Shares Utilizing the ICO -Internet of Money (XOM) It Acquired From Active CrowdSale; COMPLETES MOVE OF COMMON SHARES TO THE BITCOIN BLOCKCHAIN.

Jun 30, 2017

OTC Disclosure & News Service

Vancouver, BC, Canada –

VANCOUVER, BC / OTCMARKETS NEWS SERVICE / June 30, 2017 /¬†CoinQX Exchange LIMITED, a wholly owned subsidiary of FIRST BITCOIN CAPITAL CORP (OTC:BITCF or “Company”, “We”, “Us” or “Our”) acquired the “Internet of Money” tokens which should eventually trade under the crypto currency symbol “XOM” from an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which continues to run on the Omni Layer Protocol.

Not unlike many of the cryptocurrencies that First Bitcoin Capital Corp has generated, including its first ICO -Altcoin (ALT), the Internet of Money (XOM) coins ride on the rails of the Bitcoin Blockchain utilizing the Omni Layer Protocol.

As a result of this crowd-sale acquisition we will allow BITCF shareholders to exchange their shares for XOM. While XOM is not yet traded against any other digital or fiat currency, the buyback will be executed at a rate of 2 BITCF shares for 1 XOM token.

This offer is open to shareholders so long as our supply of XOM tokens is sufficient to accommodate those shareholders wishing to make the exchange. The shareholders that elect to make this exchange will be granted a 5 years option to exchange back to shares at the rate of 1 XOT token to 1.9 BITCF shares during the first year, 1.8 BITCF shares the second year, 1.7 shares BITCF the third year, 1.6 BITCF shares the fourth year and 1.5 BITCF shares the final and fifth year.

In order to participate, shareholders will receive further details by notifying us of the amount of shares they would like to exchange via email: [email protected]

The company reserves the right to close out this buyback offer on or before July 18 2017.

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